Greeting SMS

Someday somehow watever
u prayed for will COME TRUE…
It may not be in the exact pakage
u wanted…
But… It will be what GOD thinks
is best for YOU.
  Dont get rest after a success.
People say ur previous victory
as a luck in ur next failure..
Keep on working..
success is always urs..
My best wishes
 God’s blessing may come as a surprise,
and how much you recieve,
depends on how much,
your heart can believe.
may you be blessed beyond wat you expect
 Fallen Flowers cannot climb back, So do not think about the past, Love the present, Live for the future with a beautiful and sweet smile.
 No life ever grows great until it is
focused, dedicated, and disciplined.
But no life is ever happy until
it is lived for the glory of God.
Keep the faith.
 Learn how to live,
Learn how to laugh,
Learn how to love.
Live.. Laugh.. Love..
That is it for today’s tip
Life ends when you stop Dreaming;
Hope ends when you stop Believing;
Love ends when you stop Caring;
So Dream, Believe and Care, Life is really Beautiful
Sweetness in your speech;
Talent in your mind;
Love in your heart;
Peace in your eyes;
Strength in your hands;
And victory in your life!
Good Luck!
All you need in the life is ignorance and
confidence and then success is sure.
Good luck
The more u count ur blessings,
The more blessings u will have,
To count! I always do,
And I count u as the nicest blessing!
God Bless u each day!
Never be like the hand that crushed
the flower but be like a crushed flower
which leaves fragrances in the hands
who crushes it. BEST WISHES
Don’t waste your time with jealousy.
Sometimes you are ahead,
sometimes behind.
The race is long and in the end
its only with yourself.
Best wishes
Examation is garden
Success is flower
God bless you power to
pluck this folower..
My best wishes
 Thank you much more
Than a greeting can say,
Because you were thoughtful
In such a nice way!
 All village people decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all but only 1 boy came
with an umbrella.
That’s faith. Have faith in yourself and God.
Whenever u feel low always remember: U r braver than u believe; Stronger than u seem; Wiser than u think & life isn”t that bad. So cheer up!
Be true to yourself and others.
Do not try to appear better or
greater than what you are.
Each moment of your life is a picture which u had never seen before and which u will never see again so enjoy and live life and make each moment beautiful.
Care for the one, who shares with u,
Share with the one, who knows u,
Know the one, who misses u,
Miss the one, who well wishes for u,
Wish u all the Best!
Soft Speech clean heart,
Peaceful eyes, strength hands,
Focused mind & determined decision with God’s Love.
Always makes u winner.
Best of Luck!
May God grant you a sun beam to warm you ,
A moon beam to charm you ,
An angel so no one can harm you … smile now
Wish you best of luck
Soon you will hear your wedding bell,
As friends and family wish you well!
Heard you have got a new JOB
This place won’t be same without you
Congrats But I will MISS U!
Really Cool!
You Did It!
Way to go!
Great Work!
Congrats in your new appartment
Lucky is the neighborhood thats gonna get coll neighbors like YOU!
Congrats on the taking the leap!
But the leash will be in her hands
Best wishes for your marriage
Happy Anniversary to the couple who are just made for each other!
Together U look perfect
A hug is a perfect gift. One size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it. Enclosed is one big hug. Congratulations!
It is time for you to look back with pride and satisfaction on your well lived moments and look forward to all the things you are yet to enjoy! Congrats.
Congratulations on making your parents proud on your Graduation Day!
Now that you are caught in the bond,
Keep your grip on!
Congratulations on your wedding
Hi Dear, Congrates on Your Success. God fulfill all your wishes what ever you want in your life.Congratulations?
On your graduation!
Wishing you luck & success?
In all that you do!
Congratulations! May your baby be blessed, his/her road forward a blessed adventure!